Study Materials on Indian History for General Studies(GS)

From the view of a Civil Service Aspirant, it is a time taking process to make study notes on Indian History as it is a large topic. History is important for both UPSC Preliminary and Mains Examination.  It is important not only for UPSC but also for other Government job exams in India like SSC CGL, CHSL, STATE PSC, etc. The study materials on Indian History, you get here, will be beneficial for your preparation.

study materials on Indian History for competitive exams

Study Materials on Indian History:

Ancient Indian History:

(1) Prehistoric period of the Ancient Indian History.

(2) Harappan Civilization – town planning, social & political life, religion, and important regions.

(3) The Vedic literature – Composition of the oldest text in the world.

(4) The Vedic period Civilization – social & political life, religion, and economy.

(5) Causes of the rise of religious movements in India during sixth century BC.

(6) Gautama Buddha and the rise of Buddhism.

(7) Mahavir Jain and Jainism in India.

(8) Sixteen Mahajanapadas and their Capitals.

(9) Reasons for Magadha’s success and the rise of Maurya empire.