English Grammar & Vocabulary

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Important one word substitutions start with E

Important One word substitutions start with ‘E’ for your vocabulary preparation.

One Word Substitutions in competitive exams is always an important topic to fetch questions from. It usually covers good marks in every exam. Check out the list of One Word Substitutions that are very important for all the government jobs examination like SSC-CGL, UPSC, IBPS PO/SO/CLERK, State …

India & World History

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rise of magadha empire

Reasons for the rise of Magadha Empire among 16 Mahajanapadas.

The rise of Magadha among the sixteen Mahajanapadas is very significant in Indian History. The sixth century BC was a major landmark in the history of ancient India. Aryan India in North was divided into sixteen Mahajanapadas or Kingdoms, a number of republican and autonomous states. …

India & World Geography

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Rivers of India or the Drainage system of India

India is the land of rivers. The rivers of India are seasonal (rivers become live when monsoon water fills them) as well as perennial (rivers flow throughout the year). Rivers are the backbone of the country’s agriculture and economy. So, it is obvious that all the …

Islands of India
The coastal Plains of India is the smallest physiographic division of India

The Coastal Plains of India

That Desert of India
the northern plain of indian physiography

The Northern Plain of Indian Physiography