SSC CGL 2018 syllabus analysis for both Tier-l & Tier-ll exams.

SSC has recently published the SSC CGL 2018 notification and declare that the preliminary or Tier-l exam is going to be conducted from 20 July to 20 August 2018. In this post, we are going to discuss the detailed SSC CGL 2018 syllabus for all Tier-l, Tier-ll. Therefore we can get an idea regarding all the important topics.

ssc cgl 2018 syllabus

SSC CGL 2018 syllabus (Tier-l & Tier-ll)

Syllabus for Tier-l


Questions asked in this examination are based on four categories and they are,

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • General Awareness

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • English language


General Intelligence & Reasoning: (25 questions each carrying 2 marks)

It would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type. This component may include questions on-

Verbal Reasoning-

  • Analogy

  • Alphabet

  • Classification

  • Series

  • Problem Solving

  • Analysis

  • Judgement

  • Decision Making

  • Visual Memory

  • Discrimination

  • Observation

  • Relationships Concept/Blood Relationship

  • Coding-Decoding

  • Distance & Direction

  • Symbols & Notifications

  • Ranking/Arrangements/Sitting Arrangements

  • Input

  • Syllogism

  • Data Sufficiency

  • Decision-Making & Data Analysis

  • Space Visualization

  • Spatial Orientation

  • Arithmetical Reasoning & Figure Classification

  • Venn-Diagram


Non-Verbal Reasoning-

  • Logic

  • Statements – Arguments

  • Statements – Assumptions

  • Statements – Conclusions

  • Deriving Conclusion from Passage

  • Theme Detection

  • Cause & Effect


General Awareness: (25 questions each carrying 2 marks)

Questions in this component will test the candidate’s general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society. Questions are designed to test the knowledge of current events and of such matter of everyday observations and experience in their scientific aspect.

The test also includes questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining history, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Policy & Scientific Research.


Quantitative Aptitude: (25 questions each carrying 2 marks)

The questions will be designed to test the ability of appropriate use of numbers and number sense of the candidate. The questions are based on the following topics-

  • Numbers

  • H.C.F. and L.C.M. of numbers

  • Decimal Fractions

  • Simplification

  • Square roots & Cube Roots

  • Average

  • Problems on Numbers

  • Problems on Ages

  • Surds & Indices

  •  Percentage

  •  Profit & Loss

  •  Ratio & Proportion

  •  Partnership

  •  Chain Rule

  •  Time & Work

  •  Pipes & Cistern

  •  Time & Distance

  •  Problems on Trains

  •  Boats & Streams

  •  Alligation & Mixture

  •  Simple Interest

  •  Compound Interest

  •  Logarithm

  •  Area

  •  Volume & Surface Area

  •  Races & Games of Skill

  •  Calendar

  •  Clocks

  •  Stocks & Shares

  •  Permutation & Combination

  •  Probability

  •  True Discount

  •  Height & Distance

  •  Graphs of Linear Equations

  •  Triangle and its various kinds of centers; Congruence & Similarity of  Triangles

  •  Circle & its Chords, Tangents, Angles subtended by Chords of a Circle,  common Tangents to two or more Circles

  •  Quadrilaterals

  •   Regular Polygons

  •   Right Prism

  •   Right Circular Cone

  •  Right Circular Cylinder

  •  Sphere

  •  Hemisphere

  •  Rectangular Parallelepiped

  •  Regular Right Pyramid with Triangular or Square Base

  •  Trigonometric Rate

  •  Degree and Radian Measures

  •  Standard Identities

  •  Complementary Angles

  •  Histogram

  •  Frequency Polygon

  •  Bar Diagram & Pie Chart


English Language: (25 questions with 2 marks each)

This section is for testing Candidates ability to understand correct English, their basic comprehension, and writing ability. The questions will be based on-

  • Spot the Error

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Synonym & Antonym

  • Spelling/Detecting misspelled words

  • Idioms & Phrases

  • One Word substitution

  • Improvement of Sentences

  • Comprehension

  • Shuffling of Sentence parts

  • Shuffling of Sentences in a Passage

  • Comprehension Passage


Syllabus for Tier-ll


Paper-1: (Quantitative Ability)

[This paper is compulsory for all the posts.]

Syllabus for this examination is exactly same as Tier-l (Quantitative Aptitude)


Paper-2: (English Language & Comprehension)

[This paper is compulsory for all the posts.]

Syllabus for this examination is exactly same as Tier-l (English Language)

Some Additional topics are as follows,

  • Active & Passive voice

  • Direct & Indirect speech

  • Cloze test


SSC CGL is one of the biggest govt. job exams conducted in India. The job profile is very prestigious and respectful.

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