Important Biological terms for Competitive Exams (SSC, UPSC, WBCS, Rail, etc.) in India

important biological terms

Every year one or two questions were asked about scientific terms in SSC-CGL, Rail, PSC or other competitive govt. job exams. Questions were mainly based on Biology. So in this post, we will learn some important biological terms for competitive exams.

important biological terms

List of important Biological Terms:

1. Biology – Branch of science in which living beings are studied.

2. Botany – Study of different aspects of plants.

3. Zoology – Study of various aspects of animals.

4. Anatomy – Study of the internal structure of an organism.

5. Agronomy – Science of soil management and production of the crop.

6. Arthrology – Study of joints.

7. Apiculture – Rearing of honey bee for honey.

8. Anthropology – Study of origin, development, and relationship between the culture of the past and present human.

9. Andrology – Study of male reproductive organ.

10. Biotechnology – Technology concerned with living beings

11. Bacteriology – Study of bacteria.

12. Cytology – Study of the cell.

13. Cardiology – Study of heart.

14. Clone – Genetically identical individual in a population.

15. Demography – Study of a population.

16. Dermatology – Study of skin.

17. Ecology – Study of the interrelationship between living and their environment.

18. Ethnology – Study of science dealing with different races of human.

19. Ethology – Study of animal behavior in their natural habitats.

20. Entomology – Study of insects.

21. Exobiology – Study of the possibility of life in space.

22. Floriculture – Cultivation of plant or flower.

23. Fishery – Catching, breeding, rearing and marketing of fishes.

24. Forestry – Development, and management of the forest.

25. Gynecology – Study of the female reproductive organ.

26. Gerontology – Study of aging.

27. Gastroenterology – Study of alimentary canal or stomach and intestine related disorders.

28. Hygiene – Science taking care of health.

29. Hematology – Study of blood.

30. Hepatology – Study of the liver.

31. Kalology – Study of human beauty.

32. Monoecious – Plants which have both male and female flowers.

33. Microbiology – Study of microorganisms like virus, bacteria, algae, fungi, and protozoa.

34. Mycology – Study of fungi.

35. Myrmecology – Study of ant.

36. Neurology – Study of the nervous system.

37. Neonatology – Study of a new born.

38. Nephrology – Study of kidneys.

39. Odontology – Study of teeth and gum.

40. Osteology – Study of bones.

41. Oncology – Study of cancer and tumors.

42. Ornithology – Study of birds.

43. Ophthalmology – Study of eyes.

44. Paleontology – Study of a fossil.

45. Physiology – Study of the function of the various system of an organism.

46. Psychiatry – Treatment of mental disorders.

47. Psychology – Study of human mind and behavior.

48. Phycology – Study of algae.

49. Radiology – Science dealing with the effect of radiation on living beings.

50. Rhinology – Study of the nose and olfactory organs.

51. Sonography – Study of ultrasound imaging.

52. Saurology – Study of lizards.

53. Taxonomy – Study of classification and identification of the organism.

54. Veterinary Science – Science of health care and treatment of domestic animals.


I hope this post might help you to learn important biological terms for your exam.

Best of luck.

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