List of One word substitutions start with B for Competitive Exams

list of one word substitutions start with b

In this post, we will discuss some important one word substitutions start with B for various competitive exams.

list of some one word substitutions start with b

One word substitutions start with B

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1. Bankrupt – One who can’t pay the debts.

2. Behead – Cut off the head.

3. Bibliophile – A great lover or collector of books.

4. Bellicose – One who is fond of fighting.

5. Biennial – Happening every second year.

6. Bigamy – Practice of having two wives or husbands.

7. Bigamist – One who has two wives or husbands.

8. Bigot – One who has narrow and prejudice religious views.

9. Bilingual – A person who speaks two languages.

10. Biped – Animal having two feet.

11. Bookworm – One who devotes a lot of time to reading and studying.

12. Brittle – Hard but liable to be easily broken.

13. Bullion – 99.5% pure form of gold or silver in the form of bars before using for manufacturing ornaments.

14. Bachelorhood – State of being unmarried.

15. Belligerents – Nations engaged in war.

16. Butcher – One who business to a slaughter cattle for food.

17. Barbarism – State of being uncivilized, ignorant or rude.

18. Ballad – A short narrative poem – adopted for writing and singing.

19. Ballistics – Science dealing with the motion of projectiles like rockets, bombs, and shells.

20. Benefactor – One who makes a request or endowment.

21. Benevolent – Kind hearted.

22. Bevy – Group of women larks.

23. Bifurcate – Divided into two branches.

24. Biota – The animal and plant life of a particular region, habitat or geological period.

25. Black binding – Kidnapping for selling into slavery.

26. Bolo – A large single-edged knife used in the Philippines.


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