Important One word substitutions start with A for Competitive Exams

In this post, we will discuss some important one word substitutions start with A for Competitive Banking and Govt. job exams.

list of important one word substitutions start with A

One word substitutions start with A

1. Abridge – Shorten(a book, film, speech, etc.) without losing the sense.

2. Abbreviation – A shorter form of a word or phrase.

3. Ablutomania – Mania of washing oneself.

4. Accessible – Able to reached or entered (place)/ friendly & easy to talk to (person)

5. Acclimatize – Become accustomed to a new climate or new conditions.

6. Acquaint – Make oneself familiar with a person or thing.

7. Acquittal – The act of freeing a person from a charge by the verdict.

8. Acrophobia – Fear of height.

9. Actuary – One who calculates the premium.

10. Adolescence – The period between childhood and adulthood.

11. Adonis – A handsome man. (SSC CGL 2015)

12. Agnostic – One who doubts the existence of God.

13. Alimony – Allowance paid to wife on legal separation.

14. Almanac – An annual calendar.

15. Alma mater – The school or college in which one has been educated.

16. Altruist – A person who loves everybody.

17. Amateur – One who does something not professionally but for pleasure.

18. Ambassador – A person who represents his state in a foreign country.

19. Amnesia – Loss of memory.

20. Amnesty – Official pardon.

21. Anarchy – Absence of government.

22. Anecdote – A story about a real person or event.

23. Anemophobia – Fear of wind.

24. Anomaly – Deviation from common rule.

25. Anonymous – Not identified by name./ Commonly used for a book written by an unknown author.

26. Antedate – Come before in time.

27. Anthology – A collection of poems. (WBCS 2006)

28. Anthropology – A study of humans within past and present civilizations.

29. Antidote – A medicine to counteract the poison. (WBCS 2013)

30. Angler – A man who catches fish as a hobby. (WBCS 2011)

31. Apostate – One who abandons his religious faith.

32. Aphonia – A complete loss of voice

33. Aristocracy – A form of government in which power is held by the nobility./ The highest class in certain societies.

34. Arsenal – A place where weapons & ammunition are stored.

35. Ascetic – One who practices severe self-discipline and avoid self-indulges for religious reasons.

36. Asylum – A home for lunatics.

37. Assassin – A person who kills somebody especially.

38. Atheist – One who does not believe in the existence of God.

39. Aurist – A specialist who treats all types of ear diseases and problems. (Otologist)

40. Aural – Relating to the ear or sense of hearing. (WBCS 2012)

41. Autocracy – A government by one person with complete power.

42. Avaricious – A person extremely desirous of money/ greedy. (SSC CGL Mains 2015)

43. Aviary – Large cage or house for keeping birds.


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