List of Idioms asked in WBCS Preliminary Exam previous years (2007-2016)

idioms asked in wbcs preliminary previous year papers

Idioms and Phrases in WBCS Exam are always an important topic from English section of papers. Questions are always asked in the prelims exam with the variety of old sayings and Phrases we use in daily life. Here in this post, we came up with the idioms asked in WBCS Exams from 2007 to 2016.

Idioms asked in WBCS:

Select the correct meaning of the idiom to underline below-

1. There’s no love lost between them.   (WBCS 2016)

  • (A) Avoid
  • (B) Not on good terms
  • (C) Challenge
  • (D) Quarrel

2. The belief in witchcraft is losing ground.   (WBCS 2016)

  • (A) Becoming less acceptable
  • (B) Becoming popular
  • (C) Becoming powerful
  • (D) Losing principal

3. No one dare call in question his honesty.   (WBCS 2015)

  • (A) Honesty of purpose
  • (B) Test
  • (C) Flatter
  • (D) Challange

4. I gave him a piece of my mind.   (WBCS 2014)

  • (A) Expressed love
  • (B) Fell in love
  • (C) Expressed anguish
  • (D) Trusted him

5. He has the gift of the gab.   (WBCS 2014)

  • (A) A talent for speaking
  • (B) A good voice
  • (C) A logical bent of mind
  • (D) Talking nonsense

6. The news comes like a bolt from the blue.   (WBCS 2013)

  • (A) Windfall
  • (B) Thunderbolt
  • (C) Sudden & unexpected
  • (D) Sock

7. ‘To see red‘  means;   (WBCS 2013)

  • (A) To begin to understand
  • (B) To be mad with anger
  • (C) A narrow escape
  • (D) Smart and clean

8. He changed his job and was out of frying pan to fire.   (WBCS 2012)

  • (A) Happy with the job
  • (B) Misfit
  • (C) In a condition from bad to worse
  • (D) Lucky in the choice

9. He tried by all means, by hook or by crook to win the case.   (WBCS 2012)

  • (A) By any means fair or foul
  • (B) By money
  • (C) By manpower
  • (D) My muscle power

10. ‘A wild-goose chase‘ means,   (WBCS 2011)

  • (A) To go hunting
  • (B) To go on a foolish, fruitless search
  • (C) Took seriously
  • (D) Treated lightly

11. He ‘made light of his friend’s warning means;   (WBCS 2011)

  • (A) Lit fire
  • (B) Showed the light
  • (C) Took seriously
  • (D) Treated lightly

12. ‘To give a dog a bad name‘ means;   (WBCS 2010)

  • (A) It is difficult to destroy the reputation of a loyal person
  • (B) It is very difficult to lose bad reputation
  • (C) It is very difficult to earn a good reputation in a bad company
  • (D) It is very difficult to both be loyal and do something that jeopardizes self-reputation

13. ‘A bolt from the blue‘ means;   (WBCS 2009, 2013)

  • (A) A drop from the sky
  • (B) An unexpected shock
  • (C) Thunderbolt
  • (D) A blue sky

14. She has been sitting on the books taken from the library for a month.   (WBCS 2008)

  • (A) Doing nothing with the books
  • (B) Reading the books carefully
  • (C) Reading the books slowly
  • (D) Keeping the books as a mark of protest

15. ‘At daggers drawn‘ means;   (WBCS 2007)

  • (A) Hostile to others
  • (B) Violent to others
  • (C) Dangerous for others
  • (D) Violently opposed to each other


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These are the list of idioms asked in WBCS Prelims exams. If you will be benefited, please do share this post with your friends and help them too.

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